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A Solution to modernize and digitize your supply chain to gain resilience amidst the global chip shortage.

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The Global Semiconductor Shortage has resulted in a massive Supply Chain Disruption. As businesses plan their next steps, and semiconductor manufacturers struggle to keep up with the demand, both need to align their short- and long-term strategies to manage the global supply-chain disruption.

According to a McKinsey report “Intelligence to create better transparency is a no-regrets move” as "one of the most powerful supply chain strategies”.

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Plan your Semicon Supply Chain for Chip Shortage 2022 better with Oracle Cloud and Jade Global

Jade Global helps companies bridge critical supply chain functions through demand prioritization. With the exponential growth in complexity in today’s supply chains, most companies turn to sophisticated technology to automate their critical supply chain functions.

Demand Prioritization

  • Backlog management
  • Faster turnaround times for material
  • More accurate supply planning
  • Avoiding shortages for non-critical material such as substrates, leads, etc.
  • Better equipment and tool utilization – assembly line, test equipment, fabs
  • Right first-time quality
  • Better channel inventory management

Customer Demand Management

  • Collaboration for forecasting and demand management
  • Simulations and what if analysis
  • Prioritizing customer demand and backlog and honoring commitments
  • Disti channel management
  • Consigned inventory

Jade Global leveraging Oracle Cloud can bring you:

• Modernization of the entire supply chain system
• Speed and agility
• 24/7 visibility into the supply chain
• Reliability and quality
• B2B with subcons
• Collaboration with the subcons and the customers
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Our Semicon Supply Chain SME, Manoj Rathi explains how and where our solution helps