Upcoming Live Webinar: November 17, 09.30 AM PST

Salesforce Net Zero Cloud –
Sustainability in Digital Transformation


A webinar on why companies need a future-proof Data handling solution to comply with the US Government’s present and future EPA norms and a demonstration of how Net Zero is successfully moving towards its sustainability goal with Salesforce Net Zero Cloud and Jade’s assistance.

When companies are transforming and disrupting industries, economies, and societies, the concept of sustainable development becomes even more relevant. It has become essential for companies to develop a strategy for sustainability in the United States.

By 2025, the digital economy will be responsible for 4% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, so it’s crucial to prioritize sustainability. Carbon-free energy is key to ensuring that our digital transformation is sustainable. 

 In this Webinar You will Learn: 

  • How to Efficiently manage real-time sustainability data
  • Automate supplier emissions tracking
  • Forecast and reduce risk
  • Set digital transformation goals  
  • Accelerate journey to carbon neutrality 
  • Strategy to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint 

Watch Net Zero Cloud in Action
We are having a webinar where our experts will give a demonstration of how Net Zero Cloud can be used to offset an organization’s carbon emissions.  

In this webinar Jade experts will take a look at how forward-thinking organizations can take tangible steps towards sustainability and what are the business benefits. We’ll also discuss how Net Zero Cloud can help organizations achieve net zero carbon emissions faster, with the help of our friends at Salesforce.

Meet the Speakers

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Sunny Alung

Salesforce COE

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Ankur Birla

Senior Business Analyst

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Webinar Highlights

Bring Efficiency and Automation to Sustainable Data Management

Are you among the organizations planning to future-proof your business growth and align it with Sustainable Development but don’t know where to start?

Jade can assist you in strategizing, planning, and implementing the Salesforce NetZero Cloud Solution to have: Sustainability Scorecard, Scenario Planning for Emission Reduction, Science-based Forecast Target, What-If Analysis, Actionable Insights, Real-Time Target Management and create Executive Dashboards for Easy Reports.