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Are you customizing your offerings for individual customers to give them a compelling reason to buy?

Does diverging from the standard quotes result in enhanced cash flow, as intended? Perhaps occasionally, but not usually! It's clear math - a fee lower than usual for extra services will apparently lead to losses.

The solution lies with Configure Price Quote (CPQ). It is an AI-powered solution that gives your sales reps the power and confidence to create accurate pre-approved quotes, resulting in the quick closing of deals. It provides a centralized workflow for quotes, contracts, and subscriptions. 

What is the Quote to Cash Challenge? 
ven with a CPQ at core, it is a challenge to
deploy a distinct infrastructure that meets your organization’s ‘quote-to-cash’ protocol. Besides, there are bottlenecks like slow deployment, high failure rate, budget overruns. 

Jade Global can help you to get answers for your 'Quote-to-Cash' optimization need with Salesforce CPQ deployment and gain maximum ROI. 

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How Jade and Copado Drive Enterprise 'Quote-to-Cash' Transformation?     

The Need  

Align customer needs to your revenue  

The Solution 

The integrated power of Jade and Copado  

The Execution 

‘The Knot World Wide’ success story for reference 

Businesses need a technology-driven 'Quote-to-Cash' transformation to align customer needs with their own revenue and margin goals while reducing risk and improving working capital. 

Jade Global helps businesses leverage the Copado Low Code DevOps for robust implementation, testing and maintenance of Salesforce CPQ resulting in ‘quote-to cash’ automation. 

With assistance from Jade and Copado, The Knot WorldWide (TKWW), an American media and technology service company has automated optimized its legacy and/or new quote-to-cash processes. 


MicrosoftTeams-image (147)

Matthew Coolidge
Lead Salesforce Engineer
The Knot Worldwide

MicrosoftTeams-image (146)

Andrew Davis
Senior Director

MicrosoftTeams-image (148)

Rajaraman Anandhakrishnan
Associate Director -
Enterprise Cloud Jade

Key Takeaways:

  • Scope of ‘Quote-to-Cash' automation with Copado DevOps 
  • Salesforce CPQ deployment and maintenance support by Jade
  • Effective integration with organizational apps 
  • Salesforce CPQ optimization in line with business growth and dynamic releases 
  • How Jade helps enabling more flexible support for changing business priorities.