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How to Optimize IT Operations for
Healthcare and Professional Services

Learn from WelbeHealth Success Story who chose ServiceNow

When: Thursday, March 28th | 10:00 AM PST 


Leverage ServiceNow to enhance your healthcare delivery speed and inventory/asset management. 

Tight budgets, workflow challenges, and data security issues are getting increasingly complex and adding strain to an already-taxed healthcare ecosystem. How do you deliver optimal care while achieving your financial goals? 
Start by slashing the inefficiencies and manual labor in your delivery operations! Join our webinar and discover how WelbeHealth, a full-service care provider especially for Senior Citizens, adopted the best practices for healthcare efficiency by leveraging ServiceNow with support from Jade Global.
Jessica Palafox, IT Manager at WelbeHealth, and Nigel Arbery, Sr. Director, ESM at Jade Global, will share their best tips for seamlessly deploying ServiceNow in large, regulated healthcare environments.

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Jessica PalafoxJessica Palafox 

IT Manager at WelbeHealth 

Nigel Arbery-3

Nigel Arbery 

Sr. Director, ESM at Jade Global 

 During The Webinar, You Will Learn


Jades Marketplace Consultancy-1

Enhanced  Operational Efficiency

Understand the criticality of transforming delivery operations to meet customer service expectations.


Integrating and Empowering Solutions2-1

Real-world Deployment Strategies

Boost service quality and problem-solving speed by applying ServiceNow best practices. 


Integrating and Empowering Solutions-1

Advanced Asset and Issue Management 

Elevate operational efficiency with comprehensive asset management and streamlined issue tracking. 


Strategic Advantages of Marketplaces-1

Long-term ROI and Compliance 

Gain insights into managing privacy and compliance concerns effectively