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An end-to-end partner for your Boomi Integration, Implementation and Migration

Integration Implementation is seen as a top challenge for digitizing business as poor architecture and spaghetti development lead to high-cost system and never-ending projects. Cloud First and Cloud Transformation hold the #1 position for many CIOs as a major digital transformation initiative.

Are you looking for a fast and cost-effective solution to integrate applications, data as well as automate the transitions with your customers and partners?

Jade Global, leverages Boomi, the Industry Leading and first 100% Cloud-based Integration Platform.  As a Boomi Certified Elite Partner, we specialize in enterprise-grade solutions for all types of integration needs.


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Read our Customer Success Story:


Infoblox’s Need for Data Synchronization and Integration answered through Boomi:

Jade Global met Infoblox when the company was undergoing a major business transformation initiative to standardize business processes across complete business applications. Infoblox needed a solution that would seamlessly synchronize and integrate their data from customers, sales orders, purchase orders and other data across multiple Cloud and on-premise applications.

New Opportunities through Seamless Connectivity:

Boomi’s innovative and mature single-instance, multi-tenant platform met the scalability and performance requirements demanded by the complex integration processes. Jade Global created Fusion SOAP/Rest services for connecting Boomi to Oracle Fusion and standard connectors for integrating with other systems.

Achieving 70+ Integrations in 6 months:

  • Boomi Integrations with Salesforce, Oracle Fusion, Workday, and Oracle RightNow Integrations with Salesforce and Oracle ERP Cloud using Boomi as middleware
  • Custom Oracle Cloud connectors for all common integrations

Jade Global leveraging Boomi Delivers Value:

Jade Global’s integration services gave Infoblox more room in their budget to focus on their strategic initiative of moving from Web Methods to Boomi.

Jade Global's Integration and Implementation Expertise

We have successfully executed more than 100+ Boomi Implementation projects. Jade Global is an early adopter of several Boomi product suite.

  • Unique 4 weeks iCoE (Integration Center of Excellence)
  • Pre-built integration accelerators, architecture, and framework for leading Applications
  • Pre-built master data synchronization architecture and framework leveraging Boomi Master Data Hub (MDH)
  • Pre-built accelerator, architecture, and framework for secured data exchange with partners and suppliers (EDI & Non-EDI)
  • Pre-built solutions for Hi-Tech and Life-Sciences Industry
  • Accelerator for legacy SOA migration to Boomi platform
  • Accelerated EDI files validation leveraging our pre-built Boomi EDI file validator solution
  • Seamless knowledge transfer and solution

Partner with Jade Global for your Boomi Implementation:

  • 40% faster Implementation and Migration
  • 30% reduction in Implementation and Migration Services cost
  • Jade Global brings Business Systems Expertise along with Integration
  • Faster outcomes and value to our customers with our unique execution methodology
  • No cost overrun surprises
  • End-to-end functionally tested integration processes
  • Complete knowledge transfer to take the operational responsibility post Go-Live

Connect with us on (617) 379-3533 for more details.